2015-01-29 11:40:10 by lantaren

Hey - yeah, you guys - Thanks to any of you that pay any attention to what I do, I really appreciate it.

It's been a while since I've posted anything (written, at least) so here I am. Please check out my bandcamp page for entire albums worth of stuff (many of which are completely free to download) and stuff. Also, some stuff is available for purchase as well (which I would very much so appreciate) though do not expect to really sell anything.


2013-12-09 17:18:51 by lantaren

So, I've been making a lot of music lately. Mostly uploaded to my website and not here anymore, but most of the music is finding it's way here after some time. I know that I've been shying away from uploading stuff here lately, and also would just like to say that, if you could, please like my facebook page and, if you like my music enough, please think about buying some songs, or even an album if you could, although, after enough time, I will eventually upload most songs here, as well - which brings me to a question; What, if any, songs on my website would you like to be here (that aren't already)?

On the topic of my website, I've released a couple of albums and EP's, such as my Punk EP (which 3/4 of the songs can be found here and downloaded for free), and my misc album is really coming together, and there's a lot of really good stuff there, too. Of course, my 2013 album has come quite a ways, and obviously, as the year is coming near to a close, it has a substantial amount of, in my opinion, very good music, so go check them out.

Also, my 2011 album is now simply 'name your price', and yes, free is an option if you guys want - it would be easier than downloading each file straight from here.

Yay! Albums :)

2012-07-22 04:33:32 by lantaren

I released two albums today; 2011 (a compilation of my best music on newgrounds-2011) and 2012 (a compilation having both newgrounds audio and some exclusives ^-^) so go check them out!


The albums both cost $4, bringing each song down to around 50 cents or less :) I think that my songs are good enough for such cheapness, am I mistaken?

To whom it may concern

2012-07-21 22:13:18 by lantaren

--Yay, I get to tell you guys what the hell I've been doing!

--first of all, I have a ton of WIP tracks that I have been trying to finalize lately, and I have uploaded 3 quite recently to prove it. They aren't exactly my best, but they're just WIP after all. Merely musical thoughts being quickly transcribed into FL studio and spewed out the other end of it.

--And on the note of song quality, are there any songs of mine that you guys think are worthy of being bought (at any price)? If so, which song(s?) why? and how much? (or just say which song, I don't mind if you don't know why you like music lol)
I just want to know if you guys think any of my stuff is good really, but if you guys think it's good enough to buy, than that's even better :) If you guys would like, I could perhaps upload a song to my bandcamp account in which you could purchase (with much better quality than what newgrounds offers, may I add), and you know what? I'll let you name your own price at that even, probably with a minimum cutoff of 5 cents ranging to as high as you would like to go (I won't stop you).

I'm going to upload one of my new songs to youtube, still a WIP, but it sounds good enough to be pretty much a finished track (disregarding the fact that it's about 2 minutes long) so I hope you guys like it :) I stepped back and took regards towards my old music's sounds and themes, and gave it my new style of producing :) It's really nice

--And on that note, I guess I've said pretty much everything I've wanted to say.
TL;DR - I have a lot of music I'm working on, I'm working on finishing them up and uploading them as soon as possible. Do you guys like my music? how much? enough to buy it? If so, yay, tell me so. umm... that's it.

--I'll post a link to the youtube video of my latest WIP track and I'll see how you guys like it :)

Video link


Support me!

2012-06-13 13:09:16 by lantaren

If you like my music, support me by at least going to my website http://lantaren.webs.com


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Do you like My music? If so, show your support by liking My Page!