Yay! Albums :)

2012-07-22 04:33:32 by lantaren

I released two albums today; 2011 (a compilation of my best music on newgrounds-2011) and 2012 (a compilation having both newgrounds audio and some exclusives ^-^) so go check them out!


The albums both cost $4, bringing each song down to around 50 cents or less :) I think that my songs are good enough for such cheapness, am I mistaken?


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2012-09-27 16:21:19

Oh, cool :O Don't ever stop making music, by the way :Y Just wanted to say that after skimming through your gallery

lantaren responds:

Thanks man! Don't worry, I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon lol, but just because you said this, I definitely WON'T. What would you like me to make more of (which song style's do you prefer?) At the moment all the stuff I'm doing is even more experimental than all of my other stuff, so I'm just figuring out this strange progression of musical influence from the old, and how to incorporate it with my style.