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nyan goat?

wtf was that? idk. nyan goat!


I found out if you press the play button after you pressed it before it disappears, you can keep looping him saying what he says XD

sonic is in ssb wii....

u hav 2 beat it. DUH. play the story yetz? it's a good movie thingy. I liked it.

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It could like.. be more fun, or offer actual difficulty. Like, it's fine, but the graphics, no offense, aren't all that good, the sound effects get repetitive a bit too quickly, and the lack of music makes it even less fun.. There's pretty much no visual flair, the hit detection could be better, you could maybe offer upgrades or something.. but yeah, this really needs something else..

Acroy responds:

Thanks for the feedback I will take it into consideration for the new game I make

Eh, graphics are decent I suppose, kinda difficult to control the character (i.e just frustrating)

Obviously it needs what are on your to-do list to bump up the score/playability of it. I'm sure you know what needs to be done there - fruit not being eaten = lose points, actually give an incentive to play (timer?), etc, perhaps different levels/rates of fruit spawning, just simple stuff like that could make it a whole lot better.

If you want music and/or sound effects, I can probably do something. Or not, doesn't really matter.

And, why would you want to release it on the PS2? that's kinda 2 generations behind where we are currently, and I see it better as an android/iPhone app more than anything anyways, but that's just my opinion.

It's just decent; Does exactly what you say. Although, I'm sure it wouldn't be very hard to implement some form of simple spin algorithm to make it a little less, well, plain.

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Eh... I don't know what everyone else is listening to, but this isn't the best. I love industrial, gritty, grindy music. The more mechanical and warped, the better. I mean, I listen to way too much music of that sort, so perhaps that's the only reason this doesn't quite impress me. It has a very 90s vibe going to it, which could be good or bad (I like it), but yeah. Was otherwise a little bit.. uninspired on a sound design front, though I realize this is an attempt to push into other areas of music, which is always a commendable thing.

Was this all played live and tracked? If so then that's pretty cool. Always give props if that's the case. The guitars sound really muddy, and the drums don't really fit into the mix, just sounds like midi thrown right on top of a really muddy song. It doesn't have that punch that it really needs to have, overall. The solo was kind of okay, but it really didn't fit in the key (and not in a jazzy sort of way). All things said, though, despite the repetitive nature of this track, it's still not that bad. The mixing and mastering really need work though, and without that, it's not the most pleasant thing to listen to.

TSRBand responds:

Thanks for your response! It's much appreciated, always looking to improve :) Guitars and bass are live but the drums are midi here.

The second synth that comes in at 00:14 felt out of place, though I'm not sure what about it didn't fit. The kick drum pattern is.. annoying, if only because the kick sample itself is annoying, too hard for this style of music. Look for a more subby, booming sort of kick (though still short) that a noisy and dry kick. For the most part, the mixing is fairly decent. Transitions could be a little bit better (they are a bit abrupt and it doesn't feel like the piece can breathe). Aside from that, nothing was really wrong with it as far as from a compositional standpoint, and being made with only the demo is its own sort of triumph. I hope that you can keep getting better, and maybe get the full version of FL studio some day.

xxUltimaWeapon responds:

The samples I use are usually random and hastily chosen so I can see how they don't feel fluid together at times. Especially since it was a piano mixed with some random ambience haha. I felt confident with the transitions in this, so I appreciate you pointing that out. My perspective can only get me so far. And in regards to the kick. I used the default FL kick and added a bass kick with it. Just straight up laziness. Haha. I do appreciate your feedback, as it's helpful to keep me moving in a good direction. Thanks for taking a deeper look into this!

Just a guy Making some music. Don't mind me.


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