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Milk Round Milk Round

Rated 1 / 5 stars

It could like.. be more fun, or offer actual difficulty. Like, it's fine, but the graphics, no offense, aren't all that good, the sound effects get repetitive a bit too quickly, and the lack of music makes it even less fun.. There's pretty much no visual flair, the hit detection could be better, you could maybe offer upgrades or something.. but yeah, this really needs something else..

Acroy responds:

Thanks for the feedback I will take it into consideration for the new game I make

I Hate Fruits 1.0 I Hate Fruits 1.0

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Eh, graphics are decent I suppose, kinda difficult to control the character (i.e just frustrating)

Obviously it needs what are on your to-do list to bump up the score/playability of it. I'm sure you know what needs to be done there - fruit not being eaten = lose points, actually give an incentive to play (timer?), etc, perhaps different levels/rates of fruit spawning, just simple stuff like that could make it a whole lot better.

If you want music and/or sound effects, I can probably do something. Or not, doesn't really matter.

And, why would you want to release it on the PS2? that's kinda 2 generations behind where we are currently, and I see it better as an android/iPhone app more than anything anyways, but that's just my opinion.

Pong Pong

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's just decent; Does exactly what you say. Although, I'm sure it wouldn't be very hard to implement some form of simple spin algorithm to make it a little less, well, plain.

Twinner Twinner

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's pretty okay for your first game. In my opinion, I think that if you made it a bit more difficult and added a lot more 'obstacles', then it would be even better. Also, my ears were sad the whole time since there was no sound; No victory chime, no BGM, no sound effects on death, no "point's" to collect, there are a lot of things that could make this great. For example, here is a list of features that I personally would like to see in the future:

Friction-Make it so there are surfaces with different friction, and make it so that the movement isn't so choppy (when you stop moving, gradually slow down to a stop); This will make the game feel more dynamic

Points/Coins-Make it a point that in order to beat the level that the player must collect all of the points, as well as avoiding obstacles.

Moving obstacles/enemies-This is way too easy without it; You could implement enemies with guns (or an automated cannon-type thing), lasers, etc. Be creative.

speed-The speed is really, really slow, and way to easy to beat it all. It should be much faster, and with the friction, it should also be harder.

Lack of artistic vision-I like the titles and everything, But the in-game art felt really un-inspired and was quite boring.

MUSIC-The most boring part of this was the lack of music and/or sounds. I would like to hear a victory chime, some BGM, sound effects, anything really, even if it's chiptune with little bloops and buzzers, it will really change the feel of the game.

All in all, this game is just a prototype as you've said, but if you could implement any/all of the above features, than this might be very good. Also, take some inspiration from 'The impossible game', it has all of these features, but lacks the dynamic dual-minded thinking needed here, which could actually make this game surpass it, potentially. Also, for the levels, Start off easy like a blank room with only one coin thing, and tell the player that in order to complete the level that they must collect all of the coin things and join the twins together, then go on to say how obstacles are involved, then go on to say how there are gaurds/enemies that will kill you if they catch you, and potentially have the guard-enemy, if they see you, chase after the closest one (albeit slowly at first), I don't know, just an idea.

P.S., If you need some music/sound effects, I'd be happy to help :)

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ex0dium responds:

Thanks a lot for some nice tips and good feedback! :) I have allready thought about many of the changes you mentioned here, but its nice to get it from someone else as well, yeah and the reason for it not having sound is due to it being a prototype that vas due in today, so i did not get the time to make sounds, but i fell a bit in love to this idea and will continue working on it as my main project and will probably spend a fairly big amount of time into polishing it and making it :) and i really appreciate you wanting to help with music and sound effects and i`ll contact you if i have anything i could use help with :)

Sea of Fire Sea of Fire

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game!

still not done w/ it, but it's a good time killer nonetheless.

strategy :

get oil first. do this by setting up 2 or 3 missile things, and the rest barracks. wait a while after they start attacking, then send out tons of RPG at them. the missile things will defend once you lose money, so it's safe backup so you don't die.

after oil, get gold in pretty much the same way, except with flamethrowers instead of RPG. then, get whatever you want to get since you have it pretty much made for you now.

Infestor Infestor

Rated 5 / 5 stars


great game. needs a sequel though. It was WAY too easy, and their should've been atleast one other track on it. also, their should be a way in the sequel where you can be a different blob, and each different blob can do something special.

such as;
one normal one takes over anyone,
a red one shoots fire (short distance)
a grey one (can jump as high as a human)

or something :D that would be cool.

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Frantic Frigates Frantic Frigates

Rated 5 / 5 stars

gaaaaaah1 0_0

I can't beet it! argh, so addicting! can't stop! must beet!

Extremeliest Catch Extremeliest Catch

Rated 5 / 5 stars

XD that was funny


Mission To Space Mission To Space

Rated 3 / 5 stars


not a new concept, but good job. I think to make it better would be to have better graphics and music. music really does set the mood of a game.

Fatal Fatal

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great :)

the only problem is the collision detection, that kind of doesn't work so well.

you should also make it so that you restart from the beggining of the level if you have lives left.

if, start game w/ 3 lives. die on second level, go back to second level. die 2 more times, restart. I think that it would be better that way.

great game though, for your first game ever.