2013-12-09 17:18:51 by lantaren

So, I've been making a lot of music lately. Mostly uploaded to my website and not here anymore, but most of the music is finding it's way here after some time. I know that I've been shying away from uploading stuff here lately, and also would just like to say that, if you could, please like my facebook page and, if you like my music enough, please think about buying some songs, or even an album if you could, although, after enough time, I will eventually upload most songs here, as well - which brings me to a question; What, if any, songs on my website would you like to be here (that aren't already)?

On the topic of my website, I've released a couple of albums and EP's, such as my Punk EP (which 3/4 of the songs can be found here and downloaded for free), and my misc album is really coming together, and there's a lot of really good stuff there, too. Of course, my 2013 album has come quite a ways, and obviously, as the year is coming near to a close, it has a substantial amount of, in my opinion, very good music, so go check them out.

Also, my 2011 album is now simply 'name your price', and yes, free is an option if you guys want - it would be easier than downloading each file straight from here.


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